About us

Bio Mart Inc. is a leading manufacturer & wholesaler supplier of eco-friendly disposable products. These single-use or multiple-use products are made from 100% natural resources like Areca Palm Leaf, Sal Leaf, Bamboo, Birchwood and Recycled cotton. It has an eco-friendly manufacturing process and does not involve chopping up trees. It does not contain any chemicals, glues, or colours during the manufacturing process, and it is free of artificial wax coating on the surface. Most of the products are USDA certified, and environmentally safe. It does not impact the landfill after it is used. It is an absolute zero waste by eliminating plastic, Styrofoam, and lead use in daily life. It is committed to reducing your carbon and ecological footprint and greenhouse emissions in your daily life.

Bio Mart Inc. carrying a variety of Eco-friendly products in different materials and purposes. Our wide product range can handle all kinds of hot and cold food varieties & perfect suits to weddings, birthdays, BBQ, get-together, corporate functions, tasting sessions, takeout, catering & restaurant use. These products are available in a variety of shape, size and qty to satisfy retails, wholesale market. These products are available through many local and national retails stores & e-commerce websites. Besides, our centralized warehouse and distribution facility serving directly to several event management companies, restaurants and hotels throughout Canada and the US